What does the future of pet evacuation in natural disasters look like?
The PetSafe is a pet carrier that stays in your home right where your pet needs it, and has got you covered when disaster strikes. PetSafe works with you in daily life whether at home or on the move, and added functionality specifically for evacuation ensures that you and your pet are prepared in case of an emergency. With natural disasters becoming more frequent and more extreme; you can never be too prepared. 
Meteorological crises are becoming more frequent and more extreme, while pet ownership and the amount of money spent on pets per year is also on the rise.

Countless animals die every year in extreme weather events, and more often than not, pet owners risk their lives to save their pets.

Saving pets is important because the trauma of losing a pet can be equivalent to losing a family member. Pets also reduce stress and have great health benefits overall.

There is a huge opportunity for a better solution for pets in extreme weather events.
While pet safety is important, animal-attachment can actually be used as a motivator for actions that improve human survival and resilience in emergency evacuations.

A pet carrier for everyday use with functionality in a natural disaster event ensures reduced stress and comfort for both the animal and their owner.
Long term use of this carrier by pets will condition them to be more comfortable and will reduce stress when it is being used in an emergency evacuation.

Daily or frequent use ensures that pet owners will have plenty of experience using the carrier, increasing ease of use through the execution of routine movements during a natural disaster.

This project will allow for greater efficiency in human/pet evacuation and rescue. 

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